Factors Influencing Motorcycle Accidents in High Density Residential Area: A Case Study at Kampung Kuantan, Selangor


  • Wan Mazlina Wan Mohamed
  • Che Noorbismira Che Musa


Motorcycle accidents, Highly density residential area, Human factor, Road condition, Environment factor


Malaysia is currently facing major issue when it comes to road safety given that Malaysia is recorded to have the highest road fatalities among ASEAN countries. Alarmingly, over 50% of road fatalities involve motorcyclists, highlighting motorcycle as a high-risk form of transportation. While there are several research on road accident on highways, few studies were done when pertaining to road accident in residential areas. Thus, this study aims to determine the primary factors contributing to road accidents, especially those that occurred in high density residential area. Specifically, it will investigate the relationship between road condition, human factor and environment factor with the likelihood of accidents. To achieve the goals of this study, a quantitative research method was used in the form of questionnaires which were distributed to the motorcyclists residing in Kampung Kuantan, Selangor. The questionnaire was distributed using Google Forms where respondents were given the link through WhatsApp to access the form. Results from the survey were then analysed using a descriptive analysis and mean score method. Analysis results indicate that human factor, road condition and environment factors heavily influence the probability of an accident occurring, with road conditions having the highest mean score. Analysis results suggest that taking the 3E (Engineering, Education and Enforcement) approach can help to reduce road accident which in turn will also reduce fatalities. As such, it is important for the relevant authorities to perform proper maintenance of the roads and improve their urban road planning while also improving on the method of imparting proper road safety knowledge to the residents through road safety campaigns.




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Wan Mohamed, W. M., & Che Musa, C. N. (2022). Factors Influencing Motorcycle Accidents in High Density Residential Area: A Case Study at Kampung Kuantan, Selangor. International Journal of Road Safety, 2(2), 76–80. Retrieved from http://ijrs.my/journal/article/view/55



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